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  • Ceremony / Drinks Reception / Meal


This small and compact setup allows me to fit into any corner! The Bose S1 is also battery powered, allowing me to play outside without worrying about long extension leads running along the ground.

Despite it's size, it can still pack a fair punch and can easily fill medium sized rooms.

This is the setup I use for your ceremony, drinks reception and meal or for your event if you're looking for more background volume.

If you need something louder.......



  • Very large rooms / Sax Power Hour / Corporate event


This pair of 2000W Mackie SRM 212s will get the party started in any venue! Designed to be used for my Sax Power Hour*, these speakers give enough volume and bass to get everyone up dancing!

The Mackie mixer also allows me to add reverb and delay effects to my saxophone while I dance and walk around your dance floor and room using my wireless microphone.

*I can also connect my phone and wireless microphone to the DJ/Band's equipment to save space, if they are okay with that!