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About Me

I am a live saxophonist with 10 years experience playing at weddings and events. Available to play at weddings, birthday parties, engagement parties, hen parties, anniversaries, corporate events and anything else you can think of!

The music in my sets range from ballads to dance music, from swing to the latest chart toppers! My packages can cater for any part of your wedding day or event, whether it's background music during drinks or a meal, to a full on party atmosphere!

I have the equipment to suit every situation, whether it be a battery powered speaker to play in the middle of a field, or 2000W beasts to fill any room!

I have been playing the sax for over 20 years and also teach it along with the piano and have played all across the country in a multitude of bands!

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"OMG - if you’re thinking of booking - get it done!!!!"

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